Rotimatic – Product Review

I call this the robotic, new age kitchen Innovation genius – Rotimatic.


While the product was developed to make the staple flatbread of India “Roti”, this genius is not just for Indian households. It makes a lot more than Roti! With a price point close to a thousand US dollars, I was hesitant buying it initially, although I had registered for a waitlist ever since I had seen the video of this product. Yeah, they had a waitlist…believe it or not and its still not rolled out Globally!

Millions of Indian women spend hours in the kitchen making Roti’s everyday as part of the daily routine, while its not rocket science to make roti’s, for the Women that work long hours and have thousands of other chores to attend, this machine is a dream come true. It has helped switch many from frozen or precooked Roti’s to healthy home made option where you, yourself choose the flour and know everything that is in your bread! and it takes a minute for one cooked roti to pop out piping hot. Don’t believe me….watch it for yourself here.

It connects to the wifi and constantly get new updates for more flatbread options, the latest one being Pizza.  In addition to that it has Roti and Puri (another Indian bread) options. While only three options are in the menu selection currently and others in pipeline, the flour selection has a wide variety. Many users, including myself have experimented with different options and made breads ranging from Stuffed Parantha’s, to Naan’s to Tandoori Roti’s and canapés…the owners have a facebook community and freely share ideas and recipes. Checkout the healthy baked Papri cups (Canapés) I made using Rotimatic.

The robot is interesting as it adjusts to new flours and your personal settings…a little patience is needed as the first 2-3 rotis don’t come out perfect but then you start seeing the magic.

In summary, if you love clean, fresh, healthy and fuss free food, this is a must have product in your kitchen.

Though a little pricey, Rotimatic is worth the Investment.

Overall Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Ease of Use: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Price Point: $ $ $ $

*** Disclosure: this review is my personal opinion and is not part of any promotion or paid review ***



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