As they say Kitchen is the heart of every home…there is a lot more that happens in our kitchens…thoughts brew, lead to ideas and of course we do brew coffee and cook awesome food! All that in our Kitchens! My blog – Kitchen Rendezvous, is one such brewing thought that I steeped for a while. 

My desire to learn about new places and cultures, often evokes curiosity, questions and thoughts in my mind that I hope to share with you via our Kitchen Rendezvous.

No Kitchen is complete without food, so how can ours be…A foodie with a travel passion makes an interesting combination for cooking experiments…and to add to it, being a vegetarian, makes me experiment even more!

As no celebration is complete without delish food – churning out something new, easy and yummy, for all my parties is always on my agenda. Planning a fun party always gives me high and if I may say…attending them gives my guests a high too 😉 I am often asked to help with party planning, designing menus and sharing recipes.

Funny as it may sound…cooking is therapeutic for me after a hectic work week in the corporate world and so is writing this blog 🙂 As many thoughts and ideas brew in my kitchen, our Kitchen Rendezvous will be much more than food. 

Originally from New Delhi, India, I’ve had the opportunity to explore India and the scrumptious regional foods (which vary by each State, quite distinctly) and learnt some techniques too…. I’ve been based in New York (read Global food heaven!) for over a decade. You will see mixed styles and experiments in my recipes as I am connected with my roots but enjoy the world flavors equally.

I don’t claim to be a cook, I follow many Chefs and home cooks including friends and family to learn from and hope to learn something new from you too in this journey.

Creation is my second name – quite literally, as “Kritee” (my name) in Hindi means “creation” and in Sanskrit stands for “work of art”. I hope to do some of it with my dishes.

I am fascinated by kitchen tools and appliances like many are attracted to cars and bikes…YES its TRUE…I am drawn to kitchen gadgets like a magnet…ha ha 🙂 Expect to see my findings and reviews of the tools I use, as you browse through my blog.

I hope you have fun reading my experiences and experiments! Thank you for stopping by….