Healthy Lemon (Cauli) Rice

Air Fried Aloo (Potato) chaat

I grew up having a variety of street foods of India, specially living in Delhi, which is famous for the various chaat varieties (a savory snack,  typically served as a hors d’oeuvre at road-side tracks from stalls or food carts in India). After moving to New York, I found many restaurant menu’s have some or the other…

Air fried Navratri Kuttu (Buck Wheat) flour Puri

Fasting season or feasting season….Navratri to some extent is both. Nav (nine) Ratri (nights) is a Hindu festival celebrated across India, twice a year. Many folks observe fasts during this period and what they can eat or drink varies in different households, as cultures have evolved over a period of time. This is where the…

Baked Papri chaat

A healthy twist to the typically deep fried Indian Street food, in this baked version of the spicy Papri Chaat, in bite size cups. Great for appetizers as finger food.