My First Click…

Moments that will always remain Memories!

As I pause and reflect today – you handed me my first camera (a manual Black n White) when I was just 7, based on the one click I took under your guidance! To some it may seem an old camera, in the era color images were on the rise and the latest rage, to me it was his trust, love and faith as he handed that camera to me. Since then my passion for photography continued to grow and with Mom giving me the travel bug, this hobby got it’s wings too!

To the Grandfather who was also my Father Figure and is now my guiding star from heaven – On your Birthday, I dedicate my page “KriteezLens” to you. Your love, guidance & blessings are cherished every single day Nana…I love you & miss you, always!

A photograph is the pause button to life!

– Unknown


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