Being Single – A conversation with the not so Single!

A few days back, I got to meet a close friend after a long gap. Our Kitchen Rendezvous moved from flashback to chatting about everything under the sun! Well and then came – you are so lucky! You can do whatever you want, buy whatever you please, as you are single :). This wasn’t the first time I heard this from someone…specially my not so single friends who definitely have a very busy schedule but always make me smile when they say this and I wonder…what do you know about being Single?

The fact is, yes I am very content with my “single” status and the independence and freedom it brings with it….but girl do you really think its so exciting that you constantly compare it with you life? You have a great life too…just that we tend to overlook what we have and always look for the greener grass, on the other side. Enjoy your green pasture and you will feel a lot more happier. Let me help you and give you a little reality check on being single ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets see…

  • Single or Married – everyone needs a house and has to pay a mortgage or rent, you can share with your partner, the single, also have single income!
  • When the smoke alarm batteries die in the middle of the night (do the batteries choose the night purposely on me?) and the alarm starts to buzz – the 5 foot me needs to either sleep in with the noise or get on the tallest ladder possible and change the batteries. Have you ever done that? Don’t worry…I know the answer ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Household chores? I am sure you do plenty but you share some with your partner too…the singles, don’t have that option. Gotta do what you gotta do…
  • I was once told – you are single, you can just move to this new city? I wondered, did they even once realize moving with family is like moving with a safety net…uprooting yourself and moving to a new city when you are single mean building your life, circle all over again! I was left amazed at the ignorance.
  • And how about coming home after a crazy day…where you’ve got no one to talk to? Yeah I know you will say, its nice to not have responsibilities at home but what if you just want someone to talk to…someone that helps you unwind?

The comparisons are many…some that make life easy for you and some for me. I’ve learnt to be happy in my own space, live with hardships my choices bring and enjoy this journey of life…what do you choose to do? ย Compare to the singles around you and not cherish what you have or love your life?

No one’s life is perfect, lets all be grateful for what we have…


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