Meze 119 Review

Meze 119 is a small bright place with friendly staff. I enjoy visiting Meze every time I am in St. Petersburg, Florida. Located in the heart of downtown St. Pete, this vegetarian’s bistro is a delight for everyone….even though I am a vegetarian so its natural for me to love the variety in the menu as typically I only get a few options to choose from at other restaurants, to my surprise all my meat loving friends love this place and the dishes too.

So what so special about this place….it starts with the wonderful staff, always pleasant and friendly. A casual setting and wonderful flavors. Great variety for everyone’s taste. The place is vegan friendly too.

I have dined in at the restaurant and also done many take aways. The menu offers many small plates so you can combine a variety or order for some meal size items from the menu. Here’s a look at some of my favorites.

The Falafel is a must have, however if you plan to try the Falafel pita you will get to taste the Falafel in it.


The Meze Original is a Falafel pita with Israeli salad, Tahini and tz”iips. A complete delish meal. I just got everything separately in my takeaway…the dine in, is served with the pita stuffed with all the yumminess!


Zoodles anyone? Well the Zucchini Noodles in Alfredo sauce are totally guilt free…


Artichoke Salad is another delicious small plate to try. I could do with a little less red onions though…


The wall shows the awards and recognitions this sweet, compact place has won….worth the accolodes!



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Have you been to Meze 119? Let me know what you think and what is your favorite dish? Looking forward to hear about your experience.

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  1. Love the review …. it’s so colourful 😘

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  2. Thanks 😘its a nice, bright place too


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