4 Simple Diwali Decoration ideas

Deepawali / Diwali is not just a day for me…its a season that runs at least from one weekend to another at least! Since childhood I have loved the festivities of Diwali, the bright lights of diyas – earthen lamps, the rangoli and of course the delicious food and desserts.

Over the years like many households, I too have collected various decorative items that are associated with the Diwali and get pulled out annually, Some are passed on from generations, some gifts and some a result of my shopping spree during India visits. Be it traditional tiered oil burning lamps or modern tea light holders, Lotus candle holders – metal, crystal, earthen; you name it and I have them all! That said, there is something about the basic beautiful earthen lamps, fresh fragrant flowers and colorful powder or flower rangoli. Each year I change the settings to get the home ready to welcome Goddess Laxmi and our friends and family.

Recently a friend asked for some suggestions on decorating and said I don’t have the decorative pieces you have gathered over the years, in USA! That immediately reminded me, that I too started to bring things to the US from my India trips, only over the last few years. My initial decoration ideas that I still intertwine with my collection were just assembling a few things that are easily available to all of us in America in our good – reliable dollar store ๐Ÿ˜Š I pulled some pictures from my google photos and shared with her how I assembled it – she loved the ideas and was excited that she now has a plan that is simple, easy yet beautiful. BTW don’t we all love friends that freely appreciate your work and aren’t shy to ask for help rather than pretend they didn’t notice or care about what you created but copy the same LOL. I don’t mind that, I feel copying is another form of silent appreciation and take it as a compliment ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I told Mom how I was sharing my dollar store Diwali hacks, she said why don’t you share this widely so more people can take a cue and come up with their creative version of it…so here I am sharing my simple Diwali decoration hacks with you – would love to see your versions and other ideas to incorporate for my own decoration too. Lets spread the love this Diwali and Celebrate the festival of lights.

Two minute – two tray floral Diya decoration!

This style is simple, mess free and keeps the traditional vibe intact. Start with a large round tray/ platter, I’ve used the silver colored platter tray from dollar store, easily found in the party supplies section. A smaller metal silver colored plate is used in the center. I used the metal version for two reason – the pattern and also to protect the large plastic tray from the diya’s heat when you light the candles. Spread contrasting fresh flowers in the two trays, place 5 bright diyas of your choice and your decoration is ready! Use it as an entrance rangoli, a center piece or place a couple in different parts of the room.

Modern tiered Diwali centerpiece

This style is 100% built from things available at dollar store. Fill a metal round tray / plate with red potpourri, this not only gives fragrance but pops on silver base. Add 3 different height tea light candle holders and light red scented candles. The tiered flame creates a little drama and the balance of color creates festive vibes with a modern twist! Use this as a centerpiece on the dinning table or make a few of these and place them across the room to get Diwali’s bright feel. I love this arrangement as I can reuse it and its easy to store. Also, you can use this at Christmas!!!

Floating Lotus entryway decor

Goddess Laxmi is seated on Lotus and the flower is symbol of purity and enlightenment amidst ignorance. I found a pair of low height glass bowls and artificial floating lotus from Amzon. This makes a great entry way setting. I’ve used these bowls for floating floral candles too and both settings look great! The picture doesn’t do justice to the display – I cropped it from the full display picture from a couple of years back.

Two tray betel leaf & flower decor

This style is a simple variation to the two tray flower & diva decoration. Same concept, just swap the flowers in center tray with 5 betel leaves. The green color adds contrast and from a tradition standpoint, Betel leaves signify freshness and prosperity. According to Hindu scriptures, this leaf was obtained by the gods during the churning of ocean for the elixir. Thus the leaf is used in every puja ritual.

Hope these hacks help ignite your creative side. Don’t forget to let me know if you recreate one of these or have your own new variation and do share your own hack with me too. Sharing is caring!

Wishing all celebrating this beautiful festival of lights, a pleasant, safe, happy & prosperous Diwali!!!


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