WPC – Sunrise / Sunset – I call it “God’s own Canvas”


Watching the Sunrise and set is one of the most beautiful visuals in the sky. The way the colors change and patterns appear, it seems an artist is engrossed painting the sky, that has a new visual with every passing second. A scenery everyone wants to capture. I call the sky – God’s own Canvas! The hills, the beaches, the city sky, each has its own unique charm of the sunrise and sunset. Like many of us, I love to capture this beautiful tapestry of colors via my camera – KriteezLens! I have to admit, I struggle to catch most sunrises as I am not a morning person, but the sunsets, I have seen in all colors. The feelings of hope and calmness to relax, all are invoked in me with the sight of the Sun.

Sharing a few shots of this spectacular canvas!

On just another day in Newport, RI 


The Fierce red – brilliance of colors


The phone shot from a moving car…

This image is special, a shot taken using my phone, from a moving car on an exhausting but beautiful day, returning from a short trip to beautiful Taj-Mahal, Agra to Delhi.


Spreading the light


Disclosure: These pictures are clicked by the author and shared on her blog for visitor view only. Using this image for personal, professional or commercial purposes by anyone is prohibited without approval by the author / photographer. 





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