Photo Challenge – Favorite Place

Favorite Place

Though I like and enjoy many places depending on my mood, when it comes to favorite place, its tough and rare. Once I have visited a place, its a checkbox ticked and I usually don’t like to go back…even though I enjoyed it the first time, nothing draws me back. The only exceptions being New Delhi – where I grew up and New York City – where I live and work. Both are home.

Last year on my Europe trip, I visited Paris and I have to admit….I am in Love with the city. A place I can go back to again and again….maybe its the romance that is in the air or the Eiffel that I couldn’t get my eyes off….a sense of positive energy is what I got just looking at the sparkling Eiffel tower. And now my absolute favorite place is none other than, Paris – the city of Love!

PARIS ♥ ♥ ♥ IMG_1209


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